About Us

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) is a not-for-profit organisation managed by student volunteers and young professionals, who have the objective of promoting education, awareness and involvement in the aerospace industry to young Australians.

AYAA hosts two major annual events, the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) for high school students, and the Aerospace Futures conference (AF) for undergraduate and postgraduate university students. AYAA also operates AeroDesign which facilitates hands on aerospace projects for students and runs local events in each state to further expose students to the aerospace industry and facilitate networking among peers.

PRESIDENT - Imogen Rea

Imogen is an undergraduate in her final year of a bachelor of Aerospace Engineering at Monash University. Imogen has been heavily involved in the association since 2011, when she attended the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum in Brisbane. Since then, she has held various positions within the association, including Victorian State Chair in 2014.


Jessica recently graduated a five year Integrated Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Engineering, majoring in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering program at the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, while working concurrently as a student engineer in a leading international defense aerospace company.

SECRETARY - Karl Domjahn

Karl is in his fourth year of a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Queensland. Recently, he had the opportunity to study abroad at Purdue University, USA; one of the leading universities in the field of aerospace engineering.

TREASURER - Tim Sullivan

Driven, and passionate about the aerospace industry; I aim to build upon the opportunities I have been given, in order to excel in my role at Boeing Defence Australia. I strive to do this through hard work and my ability to communicate effectively, solve problems and to work as in a team.


Edwin is a hardworking, intelligent and thoughtful young man that is currently studying a double degree of Aerospace Engineering and Law at Monash University.
Excelling at both debating and physics, he found the one degree that could combine these two interests. At university, he excels at teamwork, and enjoys volunteering across multiple student societies.

Aerospace Futures Chair - Ying Luo

Ying is in her fourth year of Aeronautical (Space) Engineering and Law at the University of Sydney. Currently and in the past she has been involved in a number of organisations including being year representative for AIAA Sydney Branch, committee member on Royal Aeronautical Society Sydney Branch and Vice President of Sydney Women in Aeronautical Engineering.

AYAF CHAIR - Brock Little

Brock is currently in his fourth year of university, and is constantly seeking new extra-curricular activities to broaden his range of aerospace-related experiences, particularly in various voluntary roles within the Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) and the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).


I personally am a very outgoing, determined and self-driven person I am a trustworthy person who is reliable and committed to constantly improving and reaching goals. I enjoy many sports, and spend a lot of time outdoors especially at the beach. But of course I can’t lie, I do enjoy a variety of movies and video games just as much as the outdoors.


My goal is to contribute to the field of aerospace, through working in an engineering setting; accompanied with my knowledge of mathematics and physical science. Throughout my studies, I feel that I have accomplished much in the way of personal maturity and understanding of the world around me, while thoroughly enjoying the experience.


Graduated Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) majoring in Mechanical and Sustainable Energy at the University of Adelaide. Completed honours thesis in the Space Engineering field, designing and building an Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS) testbed to verify and validate the ADCS of a cube satellite being developed at the University of Adelaide.


I am a Monash University student studying a double degree in Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science.

As a recreational pilot and aircraft owner, my passion lies in flight vehicle design and electric propulsion. I am currently looking for opportunities to expand my skills in practical, hands-on engineering and knowledge in aerodynamic design principles.


I attended St Michaels Grammar School (St Kilda, VIC), before enrolling in a double degree in Aerospace Engineering and Commerce, (commenced 2014, after deferring one year).

I have a strong interest in all areas of aerospace and aviation, and resolved to support and work closely with AYAA since attending Aerospace Futures in Brisbane, 2014.