Undergraduate Space Week Application

Application Information

With UNSW Canberra at ADFA, we are proud to announce the Australian Undergraduate Space Week, which will feature hands-on space engineering activities and have numerous PhD and internship opportunities!

Space Week is a five day engineering event held in Canberra, during 20-24th November. The inaugural event is a joint activity between the Australian Youth Aerospace Association and UNSW Canberra Space.

The Space Week will provide undergraduate students access to a wide variety of space engineering activities, including:

  • Actively build and test satellite components
  • Space design challenges
  • Tour Canberra facilities including Mt. Stromlo and Tidbinbilla
  • Gain a broader understanding of Australian space activities
  • Plus, numerous PhD and internship opportunities!

Applications will be highly competitive and will be judged on numerous factors including external engagement. All students are encouraged to apply.

Submission Conditions
  1. All entrants must be undergraduate students of an accredited Australian tertiary institution, with permanent residence or citizenship in Australia.
  2. Members of the AYAA award panel are not eligible for this award.
Award Conditions
  1. All correspondence will be issued through the email provided. It is essential that the applicant checks this on a weekly basis, and on a daily basis throughout the duration of the camp.
  2. The applicant must complete the acceptance of the entry as stipulated in the acceptance email. Failure to do so will result in the entry being withdrawn and/or reallocated.
  3. AYAA reserves the right to adjust the amount and offer fewer or more entrants.
  4. Winners are required to participate in vlogs and social media posts to promote the AYAA, UNSW Canberra Space and the opportunity.
  5. By submitting an application, applicants agree to permit AYAA, UNSW Canberra Space and other participating organisations to mention their names, affiliations and any/all media (photos, videos, etc.) in connection with the space week.
  6. AYAA shall not be responsible in the event that the entry winner fails to attend the space week or is unable to under extenuating circumstances; in that case the award offer shall become void and/or reallocated.
  7. Copyright of the submitted materials shall remain with the applicants. However, by submitting an entry all applicants agree that AYAA and other participating organisations are granted non-exclusive reproduction rights regarding all these materials.
  8. The award is unable to be deferred.
  9. While accommodation will included, successful applicants must organise their own travel to/from Canberra.
  10. Providing false or misleading information is an offence. If the AYAA knows or has reason to believe that you have provided false or misleading information, the entry may be reviewed, withdrawn and/or reallocated. The AYAA also reserves the right to notify your tertiary education provider in such circumstances.
  11. AYAA does not assume any liability for attendees' safety during any part of the Australian Undergraduate Space Week or associated events. Participation in the Australian Undergraduate Space Week is entirely at the participants' own risk. By submitting an application you agree to this condition.