The AYAA team is super excited to announce multiple scholarships to young students interested in the aerospace industry.

There will be two categories and 20 recipients (with up to $20,000 in total!!), all proudly supported by Raytheon Australia.

1. The Australian Youth Aerospace Leader scholarship, for all students currently studying at an Australian high school from years 10 to 12.

2. The Australian Youth Aerospace Scholar scholarship, for undergraduate students in their first year of an engineering degree at any Australian university.

The list shows the successful applicants (in no particular order). An email will also be sent to your inbox if you were successful (please check your junk folder too). Thank you to everyone for applying!


The Australian Youth Aerospace Leader scholarship (Year 10-12 Students)

Jack Guest 

Edward Robinson 

Alannah Tuohy 

Fei Fei Webster 

David Stuchbery 

Gyuri Kim 

Finally Campbell 

Surabhi Hebbar 

Nicholas White 

Kaylee Li 

Angad Chawla 

Furkan Deniz 

Jake Wade 

Xavier Curcio 

Madison Noblet

The Australian Youth Aerospace Scholar scholarship (First-year University Students)

 Mananpreet Behal  

Simone Spisiak  

Taj Wedutenko  

Charles Joyce Thompson  

Sarah Henbury