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Applications are now open for the 2019/2020 AURC Director position and will close at midnight on the 13th of April. Applicants are expected to have a high level of professionalism, organisation and commitment towards developing the AURC in its second year. Applicants can also expect a highly rewarding experience with potential to impact the Australian aerospace community and shape the future of the competition. The AYAA would like to remind all applicants that positions are highly sought after, and stresses the importance of putting effort into your application.

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The Australian Universities Rocket Competition Director is responsible for organising and managing the AURC competition. The AURC Director reports directly to the Operations & Project Manager and President of the Australian Youth Aerospace Association. The AURC Director is responsible to the AYAA for the complete coordination and planning of the annual Australian Universities Rocket Competition.

The AURC Director can use the executive committee for advertising and other assistance, however they are required to be independently capable and be able to manage the event by independently calling on resources.

The AURC Director will also be available to attend the 2020 AURC workshop hosted by the AYAA. The workshop will be conducted after the 2019 AURC and before the opening of the 2020 AURC to go over feedback from the 2019 competition and improve the AURC experience for students and industry. AYAA representatives and industry and government stakeholders will be present at the workshop to improve the outcomes of the AURC.

Main roles

• Responsible for maintaining rules, regulations,

• Developing and maintaining a working budget, as well as managing finances and ensuring that the event does not finish on a loss

• Sourcing sponsors, supporters, and merchandise

• Managing key stakeholders, and ensuring all teams are supported.

• Making key decisions on program rules, team fees, and the competition running.

• Organising the marketing campaign and effectively using available media to advertise

Time dedication

Applicants shall take heed that the Australian Universities Rocket Competition Director is required to put in as much time as necessary to fulfill their duties. While the competition is still in inception, the time dedication required is of minimum 5 hours a week, varying as new challenges are introduced and required to be solved. This responsibility shall be taken into consideration before applying.


• Strong organisational skills, enthusiastic, highly motivated with significant attention to detail

• Ability to work as a leader and as a team member

• Ability to foresee potential challenges and address them appropriately, as well as overcome any unexpected roadblocks

• Ability to constantly focus on immediate tasks whilst maintaining focus on the event as a whole and ensuring that all aspects are fused in time for launch.

• Team management, ability to delegate duties and responsibilities

• Previous rocketry experience is desirable

Suggestion for committee

On selection as Director, it is recommended that you elect an organising committee to help plan and execute the AURC, as this will lessen the load of management and organisational duties. Be wary of large committees, as this has the potential to dilute responsibility, but a range of committee members around the country can be beneficial to meet different teams in person.

The 2019 AURC was the competitions inaugural year, so future Directors are encouraged to show initiative to grow and develop the competition around Australia. As this is the second time the role has been offered, the role is consistently developing and changing depending on the requirements of the competition as it evolves, and new challenges are faced and overcome. This is expected to continue whilst the competition is still in its early stages.

For more information about this position, please contact the current AURC Director, Lewis McCluskey


Nominations close at midnight 13th April (AEST)

Diversity & Inclusion

The AYAA is an equal opportunity organisation. We believe that enhancing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion affords us greater opportunity to engage with the youth of Australia and grow our aerospace industry.

Participants are selected for engagement with our committee's, and their associated events, without regard to race, background, sexuality, culture, gender, nationality, sexual identity, and physical or mental disability. Selection is made wholly on the premise of a candidate's passion, and enthusiasm for aerospace.

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