AYAF Promotions Announced

AYAF Brisbane are thrilled to announce two new Promotions for the Forum; the AYAF Referral Scheme and the AYAF Travel Equity Support.

AYAF Referral Scheme:

Students who refer a friend, who is accepted into the Forum will receive a $25 cash-back up to a maximum value of $100. To be eligible for this cash-back, your name must be specified by your friend on their Application Form. The cash-back will be paid once payments from both yourself and your referred friend have been confirmed.

AYAA QLD Aerospace Seminar 2012

It is announced with great pleasure that the AYAA QLD Aerospace Seminar 2012 on 9 May 2012 was a great success. This seminar featured guest speakers from Interturbine Advanced Logistics, Australian Aerospace, Asia Pacific Aerospace, Insitu Pacifc and Australian Defence Force. Thank you to all who attended. A special thank you to Peter Stapels, Barry Braham, Brett Ace, Scott Fisher and Keirin Joyce for giving such inspiring presentations. We look forward to seeing you at the next AYAA event.

Aerospace Seminar - Brisbane

On behalf of the team at AYAA QLD, we would like to invite you to the AYAA QLD Aerospace Seminar. This event will be held at UQ and will feature speakers from Queensland's leading aerospace companies, such as Australian Aerospace, Asia Pacific Aerospace and Interturbine Advanced Composites. We strongly advise you attend this seminar to learn about the QLD aerospace industry.

Wednesday 9 May 2012, 4pm to 7pm
Room N202 Hawken Engineering Building (Bld 50), The University of Queensland, St. Lucia.

This seminar is FREE for all to attend and refreshments will be provided.

Aerospace Futures Applications NOW OPEN

AYAA is proud to announce that applications for the 2012 Aerospace Futures conference are now open!

The conference, this year moving to Sydney, will be on 10-12 July with a launch night on the 9th and various social functions throughout. All current university undergraduates and postgraduates are encouraged to apply. Speakers for the 2012 conference include representatives from SpaceX, NASA, Boeing, EADS, Qantas, GE, Aerospace Concepts and Loktar Systems, amongst many others.