AYAA is a Proud Supporter of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association is a proud supporter of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge.

Australian events will be hosted in Melbourne and Canberra, with the main event to run at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC). For more details, please see VSSEC's press release below:


Melbourne - On April 21st and 22nd, the Victorian Space Science Education Centre (VSSEC) along with the Australian Space Policy Unit, is convening an International Space Apps competition in Melbourne, and a satellite event at Mt Stromlo in Canberra. These events are supported by the Space Industry Innovation Council, the Australian Youth Aerospace Association, NICTA and Arup. In collaboration with NASA, other governments and civil society organisations around the world, the International Space Apps Challenge will bring together people on every continent, and in space, to create open solutions with space data. An initiative of the Open Government Partnership, the International Space Apps Challenge will showcase the impact that scientists and citizens working together around the world can have on addressing challenges, both on earth and in space, by using open government data.

Events are planned in cities around the globe, including San Francisco, USA; Exeter, UK; Melbourne, Australia; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Nairobi, Kenya; Jakarta, Indonesia; Tokyo, Japan; McMurdo Station, Antarctica and participation from the International Space Station.

The International Space Apps Challenge encompasses far more than just the development of mobile apps. The event will focus on four challenge areas - software, open hardware, citizen science and data visualisation - providing a platform for open innovation and collaborative problem solving.

"Space applications technology underpins critical sectors such as navigation, communications, emergency management, agriculture and climate science," said Dr Michael Green, General Manager of the Australian Government's Space Policy Unit. "The NASA Space Apps Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for individuals around the world to create new ways to use space-derived data to save lives, transform industries, and connect us more deeply with our world."

"The challenge before us is to build, create and invent new technology that benefits humanity and improves life on Earth," said Nicholas Skytland, Program Manager of the Open Government Initiative at NASA. "The International Space Apps Challenge is an opportunity for people around the world to do just that."

To learn more about the International Space Apps Challenge, please visit: