Vice President (National Engagement) - Thien Nguyen

Thien Nguyen is in his final year of his program in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at The University of Adelaide and the 2019 Operations and Projects Manager for the AYAA.

Thien’s involvement with the AYAA includes his role as logistics coordinator for the inaugural Australian Universities Rocket Competition 2019, a leader for the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum 2018, and coordinator of other events through the SA chapter. Thien has done work with the Adelaide Design & Engineering Practical Team (ADEPT), leading teams of engineering students in precision agricultural technology and wing design of an ASW15 glider.

Thien has recently completed the Southern Hemisphere Space Studies Program; an intensive course about the space industry, run by the International Space University and the University of South Australia. Thien has a passion for the commercial aerospace and space industry, engineering for sustainability, as well as project and team management.