UNSW Canberra Space seeking new talent

UNSW Canberra Space - now the largest space capability in Australia and continuing to rapidly grow - is recruiting a number of new engineering staff to augment our Space Mission Team to deliver our manifest of launches and space programs :



The first advertisement (Space Systems Engineer / Applied Physicist) is marketed to a very broad range of people. We are aiming to get approximately six new staff into this Position Description who will individually have specialised skills in one or more of the technical domains listed below and be able to take the overall Systems Engineering view of the project. Between all of the new staff, we expect to cover all of the technical domains.

- Software Engineering
-Spacecraft Mechanical / Thermal Engineering
- Digital Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineering
- Electrical Engineering
- Communication and RF Engineering
- Signal Processing
- Optical Engineering
- Spacecraft Systems Engineering
- AOCS and Control Engineering
- Test and Verification Engineering

The second position is for someone to head up the development and commissioning of our new Space-Mission Concurrent Design Facility which will be a flagship facility for UNSW Canberra and with time, drive forward the growth of the wider Australian space sector.

Please pass this to anybody that you think would be suitable and interested in applying.