Top 5 Conference Tips For Aerospace Futures

From conference newcomers to seasoned conference veterans, there is something for everyone in our Top 5 Conference Tips for #AeroFutures16. Here’s how to get the most out of the three (intense) days.

1. Have Your LinkedIn Profile Looking Professional

If you do not have a LinkedIn page, then your first task is to create one! Never fear, I did not have a LinkedIn page before my first conference. It is extremely easy to set up, and definitely worth your time.

Why? Because your LinkedIn page is a way to secure connections with everyone you meet. These connections will not only boost your professional network and make your LinkedIn page look more robust, it also enables you to stay in touch and provides a record of actually meeting someone.

While the aim of the game might be to connect with as many professionals as possible, do not underestimate the significance of connecting with your fellow delegates. The aerospace industry is a very small profession, your peers may become your work colleagues, or even alert you to new opportunities.

Simply asking ‘do you mind if I connect with you on LinkedIn' after having a decent conversation is all you have to do.

LinkedIn tips: Have a professional profile photo, fill out as much relevant detail as possible, and make sure you update your LinkedIn URL.

2. Presentation

Presentation covers both how to dress, and how to act.

Firstly, dress like you are going for a job interview. Your presentation tells the employer a lot about you: is this a person who has discipline, can present well in front of clients, has self-motivation and takes pride in their work/appearance?

By extension, how you communicate, your mannerisms and overall attitude are also important. This seems like common sense but is often difficult to portray. Our short advice: try your best to be (or to appear to be) genuinely interested in whoever you are talking to.

3. Network, network, network

Network with absolutely everyone. This is your chance to ask questions to experts, talk with companies, even discuss your future with fellow delegates. Having all these companies, professionals, and like-minded students in one place is an unmissable opportunity.

Some networking tips:

  • Do not be afraid to ask questions at the end of the presentation.
  • If you missed out on asking questions after the presentation, go sit next to the professional(s) at lunch or talk with them afterwards. They won’t bite.

Finally, get involved on social media. Involving yourself in these professional conversations is a great way to show your connections that you are involved in these events, plus it can create new connections in the process.

During the conference, we will be tracking the #AeroFutures16 hashtag. After the conference, try to remain involved in these professional conversations (by writing a LinkedIn article for example). Social media is an easy, free way to market yourself to the world.

4. Using the Information Thrown at You

Three days worth of information is a lot to process, so what do you do with all this information?

When you listen to speakers, think to yourself what is the one key takeaway that this speaker gave me? This is important when trying to decipher all the information so you can use it in real life.

When you receive useful information, use a highlighter, a different colour, or draw a star to ensure you identify the very important information, from the other scribble.

Finally, when you go home each day after Futures, make sure you save that useful information to your computer or a place you will remember it. You should also connect on LinkedIn and amalgamate your business cards after each day.

5. Networking evenings

Networking evenings - where the alcohol flows, and people are noticeably more open to starting new conversations. While this presents an excellent opportunity, it has potentially disastrous consequences if you do not watch your alcohol intake. You have been warned.

Professionals at networking evenings expect to be approached and asked questions. Combined with the social lubricant of alcohol, this results in an opportunity to find out what people truly think, and form lasting personal connections.

Additionally, you can always create your own networking evening! If you sparked an interesting conversation with another delegate, then grab drinks or dinner and continue the conversation. While the conference may finish for the day, your opportunities do not.

One last note: we will be publishing a wrap-up after each day at #AeroFutures16 so be sure to follow us on your preferred social media platforms.

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We look forward to seeing you at Aerospace Futures!