SERC Scholarship Opportunities

The CRC for Space Environment Management, administered by the Space Environment Research Centre (SERC), has a strong focus on education and training and offers scholarships for postgraduate (HDR) and undergraduate students to work within a global centre of excellence in collaboration with leading universities, international companies and space agencies.

The SERC Scholarship selection panel will be meeting in late November 2015 and again in late January 2016 to select the upcoming scholarship awardees. Start preparing your application now to be in the mix for semester one, 2016.

Students can study at their preferred Australian university with additional support and opportunities provided by the Space Environment Research Centre.

Successful scholarship candidates will also have the opportunity to apply for exciting short-term placements in space research centres internationally and within Australia.

Study can be in a broad range of fields including:

- Mathematics
- Physics
- Dynamic database management
- Engineering
- Adaptive optics
- Astrodynamics
- Atmospheric sciences
- Geodesy
- Geomatics
- Laser engineering
- Laser guide star adaptive optics
- Laser physics
- Satellite positioning
- Space sciences
- Space tracking

Based at the Mt Stromlo Observatory in Canberra, SERC is overseeing four Research Programs (outlined below) whose main objectives include:

- Promoting the advancement of the safety and security of Australia and the Australian public by addressing the challenges of space environment management which directly impact Australia’s economy and national security (including but not limited to space debris management, orbital science and technology, space asset management and protection, intelligence, border security and diplomacy;
- Pursuing world class scientific research and training relevant to the field;
- Increasing the skills of persons already working in the field and to training and equipping new postgraduate and other students with the skills and attributes to continue being productive in the field;
- Promoting a managed and cooperative approach to scientific research and education so as to maximise the benefits to Australia and internationally from that scientific research and education.

Offering an attractive combination of university and industry based research, SERC will award:

- 4 one-year undergraduate scholarships to the value of $5,000 each (full time) to high-achieving students nearing the completion of their undergraduate degree;
- 24 postgraduate HDR supplementary (top-up) scholarships to the value of up to $12,000 each per annum, plus up to $3000 for research support, to high calibre students (2016 full time); and
- One full HDR scholarship to the value of $30,000 per annum (full time) to an exceptional student in space research and related fields from participating countries, currently Australia, Japan and the USA.


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