Operations / Projects Manager - Conor MacDonald

Conor is a PhD student in the field of acoustics and vibration engineering at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Adelaide in addition to being an alumni of the International Space University’s Southern Hemishpere-Space Studies Program (SH-SSP). Conor has held previous roles in the AYAA national team for the past two years including roles as Treasurer and South Australian Representative. He was a recipient of the Young Australian Space Leadership award in 2015, and was recently the local team leader of the organising committee for the 2017 Space Generation Congress (SGC) held in Adelaide leading up to the International Astronautical Congress (IAC). Coming into 2018, Conor is excited for the year ahead, especially in light of a project that he has co-created with several other AYAA members; the Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC). Conor is looking forward to the growing career opportunities for himself and like-minded students in South Australia, where the government and private sectors are actively working together to build the state’s aerospace industry.