IPMC Young Professionals Workshop

The International Project/Programme Management Committee (IPMC) Young Professionals Workshop seeks to gather input from young professionals in the international space community to gain the knowledge they need to better develop and empower the next-generation workforce.

Young professionals are typically defined as being age 35 and under and having at least one to two years of experience on a project team and/or in the aerospace industry. A diversity of backgrounds (e.g., Engineering, management, science, etc.) is encouraged in order to produce thoughtful and well-rounded observations and recommendations that will be presented to the IPMC.
The delegates will be working in teams on the workshop topics via skype, email, webex, etc. prior to the workshop with kickoff planned end of June. To each workshop topic, a mentor will be assigned to help the workgroups advance in their research.

Candidates must be nominated by an IAF member. If you are an interested AYAA member, please contact Imogen Rea directly at imogen.rea@ayaa.com.au who can put you in touch with the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA).

This is a competitive selection process and there is high demand for this workshop. The SIAA will only consider supporting candidates that demonstrate the following:

- That they satisfy the criteria for young professional, i.e. under 35 and working in the industry
- Can confirm that they have support to attend the IPMC YP Workshop and IAC. The SIAA can support nominations but this does not include providing funding to attend
- Have put forward a strong case for participating in the workshop, including:
o How they will benefit professionally from participating in the workshop
o What they bring to the workshop
o How they will use the experience to have a broader impact

More information can be found here http://www.iafastro.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Callfordelegates2017.pdf

Applications are due Wednesday 31 May 5pm AEST.