HR Manager - Valentina Coccetti

Valentina recently completed her Bachelor of Environmental Science at Charles Darwin University (CDU). She is currently working for the Northern Territory Environment Protection Authority.
Valentina’s interest in the aerospace stems from her childhood interets within planetary sciences. Over the years she has been particularly inspired by various NASA Missions; most notably being Kepler, of which she followed closely during its years of operation. Further, in 2014, Valentina's university provided her with an opportunity to travel to Georgia (USA) and experience NASA’s remote-sensing based internship program, called DEVELOP. This experience further solidified her interests within earth and planetary-realted sciences.
Valentina firmly believes that aerospace industry’s progression is essential for gaining the means for furthering and applying our knowledges of the earth to exoplanets. In the newly formed HR Manager role, Valentina hopes to draw upon experience gained within previous positions, to assist the AYAA in progressing and raising awareness of Australia's aerospace industry.
She looks forward to working with the AYAA, and promoting Australian youth’s interests within STEM and aerospace, in 2018.