Day Two Recap: Aerospace Futures 2016

Day Two of Aerospace Futures 2016 kicked off with a live interview with Mr. Dario Valenza, the director of Carbonix. Being his first time at Aerospace Futures, he was delightfully impressed with Day One, having attracted so much attention for his life-size composite UAV on display.

Following that, was the usual schedule of 9 speakers and a careers panel. Here's some of our main takeaways:

Captain Michael Gallatly reinforced in all of us the practice of visualising our dreams. He stressed that we could realise anything as long as the belief was there.

Anthony Wicht described the trade-offs related to the pursual of big dreams. He highlighted the importance of learning to deal with lifestyle changes that may come from an aerospace career. The delegates were also delighted to receive a book list that included titles such as ‘Augustine’s Law’ and ‘The Hard Things About Hard Things’.

‘Join ESA’ was the key phrase that stuck with most delegates from Mr. Warwick Holmes’ talk. He emphasised the need for Australia to join the European Space Agency in order to progress in space research and to prevent the 'brain drain'.

The careers panel was opened by the Hon Anthony Roberts MP. He highlighted the incredible engineering talent present in the room, that Australia will benefit from in the future. The careers panel was a great success, with delegates flocking just about every stall.

Dr Catherine Ball strongly advocate for Australia's budding UAS industry, and the potential growth of the UAS industry. Safe to say, all the UAS enthusiasts were greatly motivated by her talk.

2016, being the 100th anniversary of Boeing, Mr. Michael Edwards gave an incredible presentation covering the history of the company. The talk ended with a breathtaking video that captured the whole audience.

Day Two was finished off with Prof. Steven Freeland, a space lawyer, discussing the future challenges of the future Australian space industry from a legal point of view. The talk was enlightening for all delegates, especially those with a strictly technical background.

All in all, Day Two was a great success! Now, time for the Space Startup Panel. Follow our Twitter to see live updates!

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