AYAF Promotions Announced

AYAF Brisbane are thrilled to announce two new Promotions for the Forum; the AYAF Referral Scheme and the AYAF Travel Equity Support.

AYAF Referral Scheme:

Students who refer a friend, who is accepted into the Forum will receive a $25 cash-back up to a maximum value of $100. To be eligible for this cash-back, your name must be specified by your friend on their Application Form. The cash-back will be paid once payments from both yourself and your referred friend have been confirmed.

AYAF Travel Equity Support:

Students who need to travel large distances who may be experiencing financial difficulty can apply for the AYAF Travel Equity Support. This support is a $100 discount on the cost of the Forum, and is intended to reimburse travel costs. These subsidies are subject to approval by the AYAF Organising Committee on a case-by-case basis, and are decided on demonstrated need and selection criteria. If you wish to apply, please specify so in your application form and you will be contacted by the committee. If you have already applied for AYAF and wish to apply for this subsidy, please contact Sophia Impiccini (sophia.impiccini@ayaf.com.au).