AYAA 2022 Strategic Plan

The Australian Youth Aerospace Association (AYAA) is a not-for-profit organisation run by and for students and young professionals. Together we strive to promote education, awareness and involvement in the Australian aerospace industry.

The AYAA hosts three major annual events; the Aerospace Futures conference (AF) for students and young professionals, the Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC) for undergraduate and postgraduate university students, and the Australian Youth Aerospace Forum (AYAF) for high school students. These are run in addition to numerous events hosted in every state, from networking to rocket projects; there are countless opportunities to get involved.


The Australian Youth Aerospace Association helps shape the future of the aerospace industry by bringing together passionate individuals that inspire and engage through a mutual sense of community and comradery - united in our goals and interests. Together we strive for growth and create opportunities, uphold our values, and work towards shared success.



We promote diversity in the Aerospace community — through our people, ideas, events, and cultures. We strive to create a vibrant, inclusive environment in which ideas grow and future generations, regardless of background, are empowered. We embrace our colleagues' differences and work together for shared success.


We uphold a strong sense of professional and personal community in everything we do. We develop connections, build networks, and create friendships with all who share our passion and values.


We are committed to providing diverse opportunities for growth - whether it be personal, social, or professional - for anyone at any stage of their life and career. Each opportunity we create aims to foster education, grow skills, and make connections with others in the wider aerospace community.


We act with integrity, professionalism, and with commitment to our values. We lead by example and are committed to transparency and accountability in everything that we do.

2022 Goals:

• Increased Scholarships
• Wider AYAA involvement
• Stronger ties to industry
• Greater connection to students
• Increased diversity
• Improved mentoring
• Stronger brand presence

Diversity & Inclusion

The AYAA is an equal opportunity organisation. We believe that enhancing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion affords us greater opportunity to engage with the youth of Australia and grow our aerospace industry.

Participants are selected for engagement with our committee's, and their associated events, without regard to race, background, sexuality, culture, gender, nationality, sexual identity, and physical or mental disability. Selection is made wholly on the premise of a candidate's passion, and enthusiasm for aerospace.