AYAA 2022 Strategic Plan

The AYAA 2022 Strategic Plan was developed at the National Summit in Melbourne in February 2017. The Strategic Plan outlines our purpose, mission, and values for all of AYAA to follow. These sections guide us to achieve our goals across the organisation.


Enriching the aerospace industry by providing the youth of Australia with awareness and opportunity.


We are an Australian NFP volunteer organisation, run by and for the next generation of the aerospace industry. We provide a networking service, connect youth with industry, and inspire ourselves and our peers through a mutual sense of community and comradery - united in our passions and interests.



Operating with a mutual respect for others. Welcoming, open and approachable at all times to deliver a strong sense of community,friendship and diversity.


Holding ourselves and our peers to the highest forms of integrity, transparency and excellence across the organisation. This includes efficiency, appropriate presentation, open communication, and being consistent in our work.


As education is one of the main aims of our organisation, it is extremely important to be encouraging, knowledgeable, curious, and going above and beyond to help others with their education.


In order to inspire, educate and connect the next generation, it is important to show strong leadership in being confident, motivated, inspiring, yet always approachable.


Passion is what drives us to study and work in aerospace, so it is important to keep that passion alive through being excited about our work and driven to achieve new things.

2022 Goals:

• Increased Scholarships
• Wider AYAA involvement
• Stronger ties to industry
• Greater connection to students
• Increased diversity
• Improved mentoring
• Stronger brand presence

Diversity & Inclusion

The AYAA is an equal opportunity organisation. We believe that enhancing diversity and fostering a culture of inclusion affords us greater opportunity to engage with the youth of Australia and grow our aerospace industry.

Participants are selected for engagement with our committee's, and their associated events, without regard to race, background, sexuality, culture, gender, nationality, sexual identity, and physical or mental disability. Selection is made wholly on the premise of a candidate's passion, and enthusiasm for aerospace.