UNSW Canberra Space

UNSW Canberra is part way through investing over $10M that has seen us develop Australia’s leading space capability – UNSW Canberra Space. Most of the funds are being spent on the most important resource, the large team of skilled and experienced space scientists and engineers, many brought in by reversing the brain drain. Within the coming months, our team will be approximately 50 in number. We have the in-house ability and capacity to conceive, develop and fly innovative space missions supported by world class space research. Currently, we are partnered with Defence Science and Technology Group in the Buccaneer space mission program, are contracted by Defence to supply a further three spacecraft, and are working with National University of Singapore on developing and flying the first ever demonstration of satellite-to-satellite secure quantum communications. This parallels our work with ANU, supported by ACT government Key Capability Area funds, on development of a quantum satellite ground station, and our development of a Space Mission Design Facility as a national asset, again supported by Key Capability Area funds. We are also working with the UK on developing and demonstrating a satellite-based atmospheric carbon cycle sensor.

Website: https://www.unsw.adfa.edu.au/space-research/